Monday, June 9, 2014


It's June already! It's been 3 months since I blogged. So really quick updates.

1. Cobie/ Bubu passed away from a certain complication. His stomach was knotted (according to this irritating and no sense of empathy vet! I rather not blog about it, as it just gets me all pissed!) and he was in critical state. It all happened in an hour, I don't know how... He was probably too tiny, so it was quick. By midnight he was already gone. I can't explain to you how sad everyone (who knew and held Bubu) felt. Burying him was hard, I cried the whole night with his little remains in my room. 

2. Days after we buried Bubu, Mika had some sort of episode. He didn't eat for a day and we got very worried. Brought him to the vet (Not the same vet!), and the very French vet said that he guarantees that Mika will survive. He even gave me a 99.9% guarantee. After a week with his meds, Mika did not get any better and of course recently losing Bubu, we felt very worried and brought him to the vet again. The vet once again assured that he was doing fine and scheduled another visit if he doesn't get any better. The day before his appointment, Mika succumbed to his pain. He was bleeding from his anus. I can't describe the pain looking into this eyes. Mika doesn't usually go upstairs but the night before he died he actually came up and sat in front of my room, he gave me the most saddest look and I cried beside him. 

A part of me knew, he himself knew that he wouldn't make it. It's just so heartbreaking. My brother who found him when he was still a pup couldn't bring himself to accept the reality. It was just so hard for us.

3. I got through my finals with these sad events in my life, and I'm sort of happy to say that I am currently a graduating student... until my results are out. The circumstances might change, but as of today. I am free from one paper, since I passed it. I'm also jobless, so yeah.

4. I'm still overwhelmed from writing the first two updates, so I'm just going to update on my gym progress.

Deep squats (ass to the ground!) - 40kgs. (20kg weights on each side of barbell)
Deadlift - 50kgs (25kg on each side)
Barbell Bench Presses - 20kgs (10kgs on each side)

My chest exercises are the weakest but I am improving. As for my weight, it has been the same although when I was sick and didn't go to gym for nearly 4 days, I lost 3 kgs. Oh well, focus on strength first aye?

Till next time.

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